30 Days of Steve and Amy: Day 27

Our wedding reception was over and our room for the night was only down the street. We checked in and they gave us the wrong room and I was sad because I didn’t wanted to spend my wedding night there! The room I thought we had was booked so they moved us to another one that was satisfactory. But it was only 7:00 PM and the sun was still streaming in the windows. I wanted our wedding night to be …AT NIGHT so we decided to drive around. We went to Pizza Hut, where I worked at the time, in our wedding attire and they gave us a free pizza! So we sat in the car eating pizza in our wedding dress and tux waiting for it to get dark!


30 Days of Steve and Amy: Day 26


Our friends and family sang the Hallelujah Chorus as we entered the reception!

30 Days of Steve and Amy: Day 25

‎30 Days of Steve and Amy Day 25: Our DJ, Jon Seibel, almost missed the reception. He and his finace Katie  were caught in traffic, missed the wedding, and showed up while we were in the receiving line! They set up quickly and did a great job. They got married a month after us and I cried all through their special day because the memories were so fresh for me! I was reliving all the emotions through Katie! 🙂

30 Days of Steve and Amy: Day 24

12 years ago today – I love you, Steve! Happy anniversary!


30 Days of Steve and Amy: Day 23

We had great worship at our wedding with our friends from college. Steve picked two songs and I picked two and I thought the music was great. The most special part of the ceremony for me was giving God the attention He deserved for that day and being so close to Him as well as Steve.



Anniversary Celebration

We just got back from a couple of days in New York City! While the girls are with my parents, Steve and I enjoyed two days alone in the Big Apple. We did A LOT of walking! We saw a bunch of landmarks and a Broadway show. We started at Central Park, walked to Rockefeller Center, on the way we passed Radio City Music Hall and NBC Studios, saw the World Trade Center site which is under construction, visited the memorial museum, walked through St. Paul’s church where George Washington worshipped and was a haven during the aftermath of 9/11, saw the new Broadway show, “Catch Me if You Can,” spent a lot of time all around Times Square, kissed at the top of the Empire State Building, sawt the New York Public Library, and spent a lot of time on the subway! I think that covers everything! We had so much fun and are so tired! So happy to be close enough to visit in under two hours. I told Steve anytime he wants to offer to spend the evening in the city catching a show, I could indulge him! 😉

30 Days of Steve and Amy: Day 22

I had Steve’s wedding ring engraved with, “You’re My Favorite.”

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