Kindergarten Writings

Emily brought her kindergarten writing journal home today. She was allowed to write about anything  she wanted. Some entries were totally imaginary, some were about real events in our family. Some made me laugh, some tugged at my heart. I want to record some of them here:

“In the summer I am going to camp. I know it will be fun. My mom is teeching (teaching) me. That is houw (how) I know it will be echscheru (extra) fun.” Sigh…I love that kid.


“The lite (light) is off becuss (because) the lecchisuty (electricity) is off. My dad is fixing it. My dad loves me that is wie (why) he fixst (fixed) it.”  So sweet!!!!


“I have black skin.”        Ummmmm…..???


“My mom has a cool job. She is a doctr (doctor). My dad has a cool job too. he is a techre (teacher). and I go to School.”     I was excited there for a minute when I thought she thought I had a cool job as a stay at home mom…

“It’s my moms birthday. We are going to niagafallse (Niagara Falls) to selubrate (celebrate) Becuse (because) my mom loves that plays (place). Aftr (after)  that day, It is my moms and dad’s anavrsuree (anniversary). Thae (they) are going on a date Wal (while) I stae (stay) home with a badysider (babysitter). ”     Darn right!!! 🙂


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